Military Honour Ribbons
Send us an image of your ribbons and we will turn them into patches. This way your actual ribbons stay safe. These can be sewn onto your vest or jacket. Great idea for Military Veterans that ride.Below you will see samples of some ribbons  we have done. You can send us a picture of your ribbons to
The prices to do your ribbons are listed below. PLEASE see note at bottom of page for approx time of delivery
$20.00 for 1 to 3 ribbons
$30.00 for 7 to 9 ribbons
$25.00 for 4 to 6 ribbons
this is 3 ribbons
NOTE: Honour Ribbons will take 4 - 6 weeks
We do not do US Military Honour Ribbons sorry​
NOTE: We do the ribbons only, no rosettes or numbers
These ribbons do not meet any military specs as far as size,shape and colours.​
$35.00 for 10 to 12 ribbons